Our services

Industrial/Municipal/Service Station Inspection Services


We perform all types of storage system testing & inspections including:

All Petroleum/Chemical Bulk Storage Testing

Annual Testing

5 Year Testing

10 Year Inspections

EZ3 Locator Plus Tank Testing System

Visual Inspections

Third Party

Site Surveys

DEC Required As- Built Drawings

Ultrasonic Testing

Design & layout

Precision Tank & Piping Testing

Tank & Piping Cathodic Testing- Sacrificial & Impressed Current Systems


Maintenance & Repair Services

We have extensive experience in the installation,

upgrade and removal of storage tanks. This includes tank farms, waste water treatment plants, gas stations and fleet systems.

We offer turnkey tank & piping installation including site, utility and concrete work.

As a licensed tank & piping contractor for Buffalo,

Rochester  and Syracuse, we are well familiar with governmental agencies and the  various building & fire safety departments.  

Our  services range from complete installations to the minor repairs. We  pride ourselves in our attention to detail and customer satisfaction  regardless of project size.